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Collecting Debt in Japan

Collecting Debt in Japan

By In News On March 20, 2015

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Given the respectful nature of the Japanese, collecting debt is not really tedious as it is in other countries. Japanese debtors are usually cooperative, especially when reached out via phone call. It is still important that as a creditor, you remain respectful and professional when collecting what you are owed. You are most likely to experience cooperation from your debtor if you remain a level head and maintain a good line of communication – no matter how frustrating the situation may be.
Below are some tips to help you collect debt from a debtor who may have overlooked payment. We created this guide in to help you navigate through the intricate art of negotiation with the least amount of troubles. Make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you talk to your debtor.
Be respectful.
Respect is really big in Japan so no matter what situation you are in, it is important that you practice this virtue. Respecting your debtor is the best way to have them cooperate; they are more likely to run away if you try imploring less than earnest methods in getting them to pay you back.
When talking to a debtor, consider it as a business transaction and deal with your debtor just like you would a client or a customer. Despite the less than ideal situation, it is important that you keep the line of communication, clear, respectful and consistent.
Nothing good will come out if you try to fight your debtor, that will just force them to run away and hide from you so keep this tip in mind at all times.
Contact them via phone with due notice beforehand.
Contacting someone unannounced can be a grave disrespect of their time and privacy. It is important that you reach out and tell them your plans of conversing – even if it is just over the phone. Giving them the heads up prior to making the call can help them prepare for the negotiation that is ahead.
Be sure to contact them at a reasonable hour, too. Calling too late in the night is just as bad as you dropping in at their house unannounced. Make sure to ask them when is the best time to call and be sure to be concise with what you are about to say so as not to take too much time out of both your days.
Write them a letter.
If they refuse to get in touch with you despite numerous messages and attempts of calling, writing a demand letter is the next viable step for you as a creditor. Be sure to send a copy at their home and send one to their workplace. This should send a strong message that you mean business and not getting in touch with you is simply not acceptable.
When writing a demand letter, be sure to state everything that is related to your agreement with your debtor. Be sure to include the amount, the terms initially agreed upon, the best time they can contact you and a clear message that you are willing to negotiate.
This should be enough to encourage a defiant debtor to communicate and negotiate with you.
If all else fails, hire a debt collection agency.
Hiring a debt collection agency is also a wise move to make as a creditor so as you do not have to worry about doing all of the leg work. Hiring a debt collection agency can save you a lot of time and spare you from exhausting energy to an otherwise relentless case.
Debt Collections Japan has especially trained debt collection agents who are trained to handle every type of situation – no matter how difficult. We make sure to deal with every debtor with utmost professionalism and integrity. We will not compromise your name or reputation for the sake of profit – that is our guarantee.
If you want to find out how we can help you get what you are rightfully owed, get in touch with our debt collections agent now. We have trained specialists who will be more than happy to discuss your case in order to find the most practical and plausible resolution to an otherwise impossible case.